From the Video

The way we communicate is changing. Our connected world is undergoing a digital transformation, creating fundamental shifts in the way we work and live.

With a strategy focused on innovative application development, Mitel is transforming our own business so we can meet your specific business communication needs.

The way we communicate is not one-size-fits-all. We’re working closer and closer with our customers and we understand that different businesses have very different needs.

That’s why Mitel is changing the way we’re building applications.

We’re breaking complex communication workflows into powerful and flexible building blocks, enabling the development of customized business applications tailored to the way you work and the way you connect. And, with our application platform open to customers, partners and business app developers, we’re making it simple to build the personalized communications experience your business needs. You get the exact functionality you need, without the complexity and cost of the things you don’t.

The possibilities are endless. No matter the industry you’re in – retail, healthcare, education, hospitality, any industry – Mitel is building applications that are specifically optimized for you. With easy-to-use intuitive tools that are natively integrated into your phone’s operating systems, our applications streamline and simplify your business communication workflows. So you connect faster, easier and better.

In an era where your customer experience can make or break your business, we want to enable you to communicate exactly the way you want to.

Mitel is a company with one purpose and one vision. To provide seamless communication that transforms businesses. Your business.